Kupczyk, Łysów, Marihuana / Marek Zgaiński

Now, in the 24th century, after the 5th World War,

after the total destruction of atmosphere, earth and mankind

Jesus Christ came back, as he had promised...

But in that time religion and God were only ancient legends

that no one could remember... Amen

People are living under the ground

The hell is now behind the clouds

Only in the caverns they way survive

The burning' air makes only fear and starts to kill

The deadly fear.

How can I save my little child?

What can I tell him about the sun?

The only true answer is when 1 say

Sun is the killer, and run away, run away...

Hear me baby...

And when my woman is close to me

I hear her breath and see her tears

The breath is heavy and tears are red

Baby, baby I'm scared...

Hear me baby

There is nothing on the other side

Hear me baby

But we must be live ‘cause

Jesus doesen’t forget about us.

Oh, Lord will you find us here

Take a step under the ground

welcome in the Hell. don't hang around...

We are living and watching you

We wonder what you can do

What about Heaven, what about Prise

What is the sense to crucify?

Jesus stopped and looked at me

The empty hands and mistery

What can I do? How can I save?

Yes, I know - it's too late.

It's too late...