"FIRE ANGELS" Kupczyk, Łysów, Marihuana / Marek Zgaiński

In the broken light

The day against the night

The angry streets

The kids in black

Try to forget

They're human beings

Light on the empty street

That no one wants to meet

Because it's deathly shit

Fire Angels

They want to kill you now

Stoned faces in the car

The rape is their desire

Fire Angels

Now You'll better run and hide away

The police and government

Don't wane to hear

About this damned men

Fire Angels

You'll better stay in home

Because nobody can

Give you a helping hand

Fire Angels


Now' You'll better run and hide away

So, you'll better run, yeah!

This is the future of our town

The movies and the funs

Where violence dance

Make him stronger

Fire Angels

And parents learn to kill

Because this way is still

One way to surviving

Fire Angels