"IN THE NAME OF LAW (PART II)" Burzyński / Kupczyk

Yesterday came the end

of my crusade

When I was at her place

someone was watching me from far away

She was to be my last victim

He called "Hey, what are you doing?"

Now my days are passing slow

behaind iron prison door

I can't hear the hum of the street

That guy was a policeman

He saw that I wanted to kill her

and he called "Hey, what are you doing?"

 All the other girls I stobbed with a knife

You may say "A psycho, a murder!"

but what will you say of Bush, Reagan, Hussein

and other rules of this world

 You will say "How is that? You are sick!"

Those girls should not have been born

They were whores

Their fate was predestined

They were wasted of human civilization

He shouted "Hey, what are you doing?"

And aimed thr barrel of his gun

Straight at my head

He was determined

It would be IN THE NAME OF LAW again

The open eyes of the jury

I see in them the image of electrict chair

The end of my crusade

God calls to me "Hey, you come here!"